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Nitrofreeze offers dry ice blasting services as well as equipment sales and rentals as the authorized distributor, Cold Jet New England. Dry Ice Blasting has found successful application in numerous industries ranging from power generation and construction contracting to cleaning food processing equipment and plastic injection molds.  To discuss with an expert whether Dry Ice Blasting is appropriate for your cleaning needs, give us a call at 508-459-7447.


How does it work?

Powered by compressed air, the Co2 system blasts dry ice pellets (Co2) over the surface to be cleaned. The hard pellets remove the material through sublimation – the transition of the solid Carbon Dioxide particles to gas.

The operator can guide the blast over focused areas or use a wider spray nozzle for more general coverage. As the dry ice pellets hit the surface to be cleaned, the pellets evaporate harmlessly into the atmosphere, reducing clean up associated with conventional sand or soda blasting or power washing.



Why clean with dry ice?

Dry ice as a cleaning media provides a variety of unique advantages. The following characteristics make Dry Ice Blasting a preferred method of cleaning:


Dry Ice Blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning process. Solid CO2, more frequently referred to as dry ice, is a remarkably soft media with a hardness comparable to that of talc or gypsum. This means operators can blast with maximum aggression on most surfaces without concern to damaging the substrate. An exception is made for wood which can yield pitting with aggressive blasting but wide-ranging customization capabilities allow operators to successfully dial down for such surfaces.


Dry ice is a zero net cleaning media that is EPA, USDA, and FDA approved. The dry ice used by Nitrofreeze is made from captured CO2 in the atmosphere. Upon impact with the cleaning surface the dry ice sublimates, returning back to the atomsphere. In this way, the media used for these applications is completely recycled. Dry Ice Blasting is environmentally friendly process, utilizing harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) found naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. In cases of HAZMAT cleanup, disposal costs are significantly reduced as only the removed material need be mitigated and not the additional contaminated effluent, sand or soda particles left behind by other cleaning processes.


Dry Ice Blasting is a non-conductive cleaning method. This alllows Dry Ice Blasting to be used for electrical equipment without risk of shock or damage. It is also a largely dry cleaning process compared to moisture heavy chemical cleaning and of course pressure washing.

No residual media

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Contract and In-House Dry Ice Blasting   contract-cleaning

Nitrofreeze performs Dry Ice Blasting (aka CO2 Cleaning) on equipment and other surfaces on location at customers’ facilities throughout New England as well as New York State. Learn more

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For those who want to bring this process in-house, Nitrofreeze offers Dry Ice Blasting units and accessories for purchase and rental. Machines span a wide range of sizes and aggression. Learn more

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