Cryogenic Deflashing

Cryogenic Deflashing by Nitrofreeze



Cryogenic Deflashing offers a repeatable, high-quality response to flash issues. Not only does this process yield the most consistent clean available through programmable recipe cycles, but a batch deflashing capability allows technology to contend with and often beat competing method pricing. The result is closer part cleans, wider profit margins, and a superior finished product.

Nitrofreeze has become the industry leader in cryogenic applications with much credit owed to its deflashing product lines. Professional, ISO certified service and fast turnaround times have made Nitrofreeze the go-to source for all plastic deflashing needs.


The ProcessCryogenic Deflashing Basket

Our Cryogenic Deflashing machines process utilizes gaseous nitrogen as a cryogen to freeze the parts in their basket containment while they are tumbled and blasted with a non-abrasive polycarbonate media. This process is able to remove mold flash from difficult to reach areas. Quality control for parts includes an incoming inspection upon receipt, an in-process inspection, a post-process inspection, and a final inspection prior to packaging.


What materials can we deflash?

Deflashed plastic

Cryogenic Deflashing has proven successful in removing flash from most plastics, rubbers, and even some alloys with a demonstrated preference to thermoplastic polymers. Nitrofreeze has successfully deflashed the following materials and more:

Silicones, Nylons, PEEKs, Polycarbonates, Polyurethanes, ABS, Acetals, Delrin, PPE, Turcite, Ryton (PPS), EPDM, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and many more.

Will cryogenic temperatures or tumbling alter or damage my parts?

Though extended exposure in cryogenic temperatures can temporarily shrink most plastic parts, parts processed with cryogenic deflashing are exposed only briefly to cryogenic atmospheres. The temperatures are sufficient only to render surface flash brittle. Nitrofreeze demonstrates this process on millions of critical parts a year from surgical implants to aerospace parts. For material specific information, speak with your plastics vendor on the effects of cryogenic temperatures on your parts.  

See the process in action

Our quality standard

Nitrofreeze Quality


Nitrofreeze is an ISO and ITAR certified company. As part of the cryogenic cleaning process, parts undergo four attentive inspections: a pre-process inspection, an in-process inspection, a post-process inspection, and a final inspection prior to shipping your cleaned parts to you. Learn more about our quality commitment.

I would like to sample the process on my parts

For more information on our PreProduction Engineering Evaluation (PPEE) sampling program contact us at [email protected] or 1-508-459-7447. You may also request to have a Nitrofreeze representative contact you.

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