Material Seperation

Material Separation

Material Recovery and Reclamation

Cryogenic Material Separation is a process that exploits the different coefficient of thermal expansions  (CTE) of products that are made up of different types of materials. A simple example is copper wire clad in plastic (or other) insulating wrap. By utilizing Cryogenic Material Separation, the contraction of frozen copper, coupled with the expansion of the bonded compound, can produce a sheer force that promotes separation of the two materials.

Precise time and temperature profiles are used to promote maximum separation. In many cases, the objective is to recover an underlying substrate or metal element that has been over-coated and/or bonded to an elastometric or insulating compound. Cryogenic Material Separation is ideal for thermoplastics (PVC, nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene), thermosets (synthetic and natural rubbers etc.) and all metals.


Applications include high value precious metals recovery, recovery of steel reinforcements from oil well seals, removal of molded or bonded materials that have cured and were misapplied (or not in specification when applied) and waste stream separation.

Develop Your Own In-House Capabilities

When justified by volume and frequency, NitroFreeze works with customers to develop custom tools and processes to support in-house material reclamation. We offer design, build, installation and on-site training for your operators.

Solve Unique Challenges

While we have vast experience in Cryogenic Material Separation and Recovery, every application has its unique challenges. We encourage you to call us at 800 739 7949 or 508 459 7447 for more information about our Cryogenic Material Separation processes and services.